The Curiosity of a Child

January 2010

So the end of this week we hopped in the car for northern Michigan to visit Laura’s grandparents. As we drove further along the now tree lined two lane northern Michigan road, the scenery became increasingly blanketed with snow. When we woke up the next morning, the lanscape was now competely covered with snow, providing an ideal backdrop for Christmas decorating and window gazing.

I absolutely love this time of year, so I was really looking forward to sharing it with our little dude, Elias! One morning I was showing him all the snow outside and I was reminded of a cool truth. Genesis teaches us that we are all created in God’s image-now obviously our image is marred due to sin, but that’s the point of justification and sanctification. Anyway, my thoughts were directed this way due to Elias’ curiosity and wonderment on the snowland just outside the window. Why do kids have such a magical sense of wonder and curiosity? I connect this to humanity’s creation in God’s image. In the New Testament Jesus likens the simple faith in the Gospel to a child’s simple faith born of curiosity, learning, and belief. Elias (and every other child) is fashioned in God’s express image. Part of this image is a sense of curiosity, a desire and capacity to learn, and the gift of faith. As Elias starred out the window, I wondered what he was thinking. Kids will continue to be curious and wonder at our God’s intricate creation. Curiousness then leads to learning, learning to knowledge, and ultimately belief.

It is just so awesome to see God’s nature infused into so many facets of life, even in the wonderment of a child’s eyes at snow and Christmas! May we all relish in our God’s creation as we ponder all aspects of life through the eyes of wonder, knowledge, and simple belief!